Ends on February 1, 2019

From small groups to community projects, Clamor welcomes collaborative works in all media. 
Please include a group name and/or individual names and bios/collaborative mission statement. 

  • Written submissions should be in DOC, DOCX, PDF (recommended for works with specialized fonts or formatting), TXT or RTF format, with a maximum length of 3000 words, in plain 12pt font. 
  • Audio submissions should be in MP3, M4A or WAV format, and maximum length 10 minutes. 
  • Video submissions should be in MOV, MP4, or MPG format, and not longer than 10 minutes in length. 
  • Image submissions should be in JPG, or TIF format, in highest resolution available. GIF, PNG, and images that are not of sufficient resolution for printing will not be considered for inclusion in the print version of Clamor but may still be accepted for the online journal. 

Please title your file with your last name and an abbreviated work title as follows: account holder's LASTNAME-SHORTTITLE.

If you have trouble uploading your file, please refer to the IT website or feel free to email us.

Please Include the title and your name within the document. You may submit a maximum number of 3 submissions in any category. Unpublished work only.